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Acquisition of new Customers. More is better. But exactly how do you attract more of them. There are the Deal of the Day sites... cut your price 50% or more, attract a bunch of customers only looking for a deal, lose massive amounts of money on each unit sold only to never see those customers again. Why? Because they are looking for an unbelievable deal, not somewhere to become a loyal customer.
We develop customer acquisition programs, based on your business needs and the type of customer you want to attract, the one's that will want to be loyal, local, long time customers, who will tell their friends and neighbors about your business.

Engagment of the interested Customer. You've caught their attention, now how do you get them to engage, to remember you, to actually become a customer. It starts with a compelling reason to notice you in the first place. See above. Then we create engaging, intriguing and action inducing messages and content. Not a give away, not a gimmick. We create interactions and build rapport, trust and create value. The type of interactions that make prospects buyers and buyers loyal customers.

Retention of the existing Customer. They've noticed. They've bought. Now what? Put them on the payroll... figuratively, of course. Literally though? We keep them engaged, keep your business on the top of their mind. Let them become your personal advertising and promotion team. If you treat them right, keep your business in front of them strategically, logically and intentionally, they become like family. Not the family that comes, stays in your spare bedroom, eats your food and has that annoying laugh, but the kind of family that think of you first, and only, when they or there sphere of influence need what you're selling. Life long, loyal customers. Perfect.

Real Estate Mortgage Automotive Restaurant

Are you a Real Estate Professional? Do you get tired of all the seminars telling you what you should do, but not how to do it?

We get to know your business, your goals and use our years of experience in your industry to create a real, workable plan.

We'll even run it!

Mortgage Lenders, finding it hard to navigate the ever changing rules, compete against the online factories and still have time to not only come up with a viable marketing program, much less run it?

Relax, we've been there. Whether direct to consumer or a referral base of quality Real Estate Agents we speak your language.

Automobile Sales Professionals, are you spending an average of $300 to $400 just to get someone to walk onto the lot? What are you doing to keep the ones that already bought? Often tmes not enough. With sales person turnover, inexperience or lack of hours in the day, customer retention often falls through the cracks. Not anymore!

And we'll take care of everything!

If you own a restaurant, we have three words of the best advice you'll ever get: Don't do it? What is "it"? The group buying sites - GrouponĀ®, DealChickenĀ® and the rest. Why give away money, crush your staff and only deal with deal seekers willing to drive to your place ONCE to get a DEAL, never to return?

We've got a better idea... you win!